Vacation Boards 16" by 32" - Grey Wash Red Hole Black Triangle Design 3/4″ Baltic Birch

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This listing is for a Set of (2) High Quality Vacation Boards 18mm(3/4″) Baltic Birch! All Vacation Boards have our Logo on the Leg Braces!

We use a Professional UV Clear Coating System! Meaning every board has the same Tournament Level Finish! Making every board Extremely Consistent, and Virtually Unaffected by Humidity! Our boards play fast right out of the box, just like the ones you see at large scale Professional Tournaments! 

*Folding Legs with Leg Braces!  We print our logo on the leg braces when we have time. Some sets will have our logo on the leg brace, some will not.

*Playing Bags SOLD Separately! 

*Built-in Handles is a standard Option! Built-in handles are on both sides of each board making them easy to carry!

Each board is approximately 16″ x 32″ (15.75 x 31.75) with 4" or 6" holes! 

Our tops, frames, and leg braces have rounded edges and corners.

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