The Hole-Shrinker®️ (Airmail Training Tool) Improve your Aim and throw like a Pro! - Free Shipping!

Quantity Options: 1 Bracket & 1 Red insert & 1 Blue insert & 1 White insert
Sale price $69.99


Improve your Aim and throw like a Pro!

This training jig was designed and created by Cornhole Solutions! Each jig comes with the parts listed in the selection menu. They simply drop in and turn to lock in place. 

  • The Red insert makes the hole 5.0"
  • The Black(Switching to Blue soon) insert makes the hole 4.5"
  • The White insert makes the hole 4.0" (for mini bags)

*Screws are also included. Install Videos available upon request. 

If you have any questions please message us! Or email at

*Free Shipping! 

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