Official Hole-Shrinker®️ (Airmail Training Device) Improve your Aim! Throw like a Pro! Easy to Install! Attaches to Most Regulation Tournament Boards! (Does Not work with our Pro Solution Lite Boards)

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Hole-Shrinker ad by Cornhole Solutions 

This listing is for The Official Hole-Shrinker®️ Airmail Training Device! 


 Improve your Aim! Throw like a Pro! With our Hole-Shrinker Technology! 

The Official Hole-Shrinker®️ Airmail Training Device was created by Cornhole Solutions to help players perfect their Airmail game! If you can land your favorite bag in a 5" or 4.5" hole, when you play on boards with a 6" hole you will dominate every round! 

So what is in the box?

*Every package includes 1 bracket, 1 red insert, 1 blue insert, 1 white insert, and the screws to attach the bracket to the back of your board.

What will you need to have? You will need some wood glue or super glue and you will also need drill or screw driver with a square head bit, that's it! 

*If you would like The Official Hole-Shrinker®️ on Both Boards Please Order Qty 2!

The Inserts simply drop in and turn into place!

  • The Red insert makes the hole 5.0"
  • The Blue insert makes the hole 4.5"
  • The White insert makes the hole 4.0" (for mini bags) 

Mini Bag Link:

*Screws are included!

*Boards & Bags Sold Separately! 

*Please make sure your board tops are 18mm or 3/4" thick. If you have thinner or light weight boards you could damage the playing surface. If you plan on using this device on thinner boards do Not use the screws, simply glue the bracket into place securely.

*If you have any questions please chat directly on the website or email us anytime at

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Great product, quick shipping can’t wait to continue my practice with more difficulty to improve my PPR to 11.

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