Scoring Solution - Custom (No Trademark Requests) Direct UV Printed on both Sides! (2 Stainless Steel Cups & 2 Clips Included per Stand)

Sale price $79.99


This Listing is for a Custom Printed Scoring Solution! We print on both sides of the score stands! All of our score stands are made from 18 mm (3/4") Baltic Birch.
*Every custom score stand comes with (2) plastic cup holders & (2) plastic clips. 


For Custom Requests Please reach out to us at

The bottom slips on, and the top rotates 90 degrees into place! The stand will move a bit, if we make the parts too tight, they would be very difficult to put together. Some customers have glued the parts in place.

*The cup topper piece is rounded over on the outside edges, as well as the stand and foot are not rounded to make them more stable. The cup holder topper also features a tablet/phone slot.

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