Score Stand - Drink Solution - Plain Blank No Numbers - (2 stainless cups included per stand)

Sale price $34.99


This Listing is for our Drink Solution! These are great for the non-scoring side. All of our stands are made from 18 mm (3/4") Baltic Birch. Every stand comes with (2) Stainless Steel Cup Holders. The bottom slips on, and the top rotates 90 degrees into place!

The stand will move a bit, if we make the parts too tight, they would be very difficult to put together. Some customers have glued the parts in place.

*Rounded over on the outside edges, on the stand and cup top the foot is not. The cup holder topper also features a tablet/phone slot.

*2 Stainless Steel Cups Included! 

*Scoring Clips are Not included!

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