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First of all, thank you for coming to our website! We would not be where we are without you! I am Steven and my wife is Cheri, and we have 3 amazing children. We got introduced to Cornhole while we were at our oldest son’s Cub Scout camp-out in 2013. Our pack leader brought a set of Cornhole boards to play with. Everyone had a blast playing the game. I said to my wife, “we should make a set for us”. Once we started researching them, we found you cannot buy them at a store. So as we began finding plans on how they were made, we realized we could build custom sets for people who can not make their own, or do not have the time!

So now we build solid high-quality boards, that we would be proud to own ourselves! Cheri used to hand paint many of our sets. We now print directly on the boards! We spend lots of time and energy on all of our products, additionally we only use the highest quality materials available!

Furthermore, we live in East TN. I’m married to an amazingly talented woman. The reason for opening our shop, was so my wife and I could take better care of our children. We are now able to send all of our children to private Christian school, where they can learn about God and have a great education at the same time.

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