Bag Supplies - Laser Cut Fabric Squares - To make Professional Regulation Cornhole Bags

Fabric Type: Speed 8/9 (Tui)
Sale price $1.00


Elevate your Cornhole game with our Laser Cut Fabric Squares, order now!

*Some of the fabric options are the same fabric! Certain materials can be used in reverse! Making them faster or slower depending on the fabric. 

This listing is for laser cut fabric! It is important to note, Quantity 1 is only for 1 square, not a bag or a set. This is to prevent shipping errors.

So for a set of 4 bags, you will need 8 squares. All Pro bags have different fabric on each side. So for one set of 4 bags you will want 4 squares of one fabric, and 4 squares of another fabric. 

Dimensions: 7.5" by 7.5" 

Radius Corners: 1.5" 

For fabric questions please feel free to reach out with the chat feature, or email Cheri Miles at

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Decent product overall. Joanna fabrics had a lot of these fabrics for cheaper but these were nice already cut and ready to sew.

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