Pro Solution Boards - Custom Design (No Trademark Requests) - Zero Bounce! Zero Movement! Panels for added Weight & Stability! Double Legs!

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This Listing is for the Ultimate Tournament Series! The playing surface is approx. 1.5" thick! Each board weighs approx. 45lbs each!

*Hole-Shrinker Inserts are Optional!

There are 18mm(3/4") panels under all 3 sections of both boards! These add additional weight and stability! These boards also feature double legs with our circle leg brace! These sets also play more quietly, so you can throw all night!

High Quality Direct UV Printed 18mm (3/4″) Baltic Birch Regulation Tournament Grade Cornhole Boards! 

We use a Professional UV Clear Coating System! Meaning every board has the same Tournament Level Finish! Making every board Extremely Consistent, and Virtually Unaffected by Humidity! Our boards play fast right out of the box, just like the ones you see at large scale Professional Tournaments! 

All our boards have, Folding Legs with Leg Braces! Every Board also has two Support Braces under each top! So, when the bag hits the board, they don't bounce or hop around!

Built-in Carrying Handles! (Our built-in handles are on both sides of each board). So carrying the heavy duty boards has never been easier!

Every part is cut with Extreme Precision, on one of our Industrial CNC routers

Each board is approximately 24″ by 48″ with a perfect 6″ hole centered 9″ down! Every board sits 12″ off the ground at the back, and 3.25″ off the ground at the front. Our tops, frames, and leg braces all have rounded edges and corners

*Bags Sold Separately!

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These Pro Solution boards by Cornhole Solutions is a BEAST. And I mean that in the most positive manner. Each board weighs approximately 45lbs each featuring double thick 3/4” Baltic Birch (1 1/2” total thickness) playing surface completely eliminates any bounce. Stabilized by double thick legs means almost no board movement. Although, both boards move about a 1/4”-1/2” at most with 24-28 bags thrown. Definitely way less movement than any other boards that I’ve thrown on. With these being full custom boards, the direct print graphics came out beyond amazing. Get this…..the Pro Solution boards are direct printed on the top side, underside and airmail blocking cross brace between the legs.

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