Inserts Only - Hole-Shrinker®️ "Airmail Training Tool" (Bracket Sold Separately) Improve your Aim and throw like a Pro! - Free Shipping!

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Insert Options: 2 Red inserts & 2 Blue inserts
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Improve your Aim and throw like a Pro!

This Listing is for Inserts Only! For those who have Pro Solution boards already, or have brackets and need new inserts. Over time the panel on the bottom side of your boards may have shifted. You may need to file down 1 or more corners of the insert so your new inserts turn smoothly, it should not be forced.  

This training jig was designed and created by Cornhole Solutions! 

  • The Red insert makes the hole 5.0"
  • The Blue insert makes the hole 4.5"
  • The White insert makes the hole 4.0" (for mini bags)

If you have any questions please message us anytime! Or email at 

*Free Shipping! 

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