Close Out Rec Bags - Stock Colors - (Set of 4 bags) Speed Rating 3 & 7

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Bag Color: Royal Blue
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This listing is for (4) Rec Cornhole bags. Every bag has a Suede (Slow) side and a Slick (Fast) side. They are often called Stop & Go Bags!

*Rec simply means Recreational. These bags are great for players of all skill levels, especially beginners!

Each bag will have the same color/design printed on both sides!

These bags are filled with high quality resin pellets! Which often gives them the name All Weather Cornhole bags. Simply meaning they can get wet and they will still be fine, unlike corn filled bags.

The Suede side is a bit more dull that is just how the ink reacts with the softer fabric. For Example the slow side on the black bags looks grey, so we do not recommend ordering black and grey together. 

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