The Training Solution “Throw like a Pro” – Free Shipping!


Improve your Aim and throw like a Pro!


Improve your Aim and throw like a Pro at your next tournament or get together! 

This brand new training jig was designed and created from scratch in house! Each jig comes with 1 base that easily attaches to practically any board. You will also receive 3 different size inserts. The simply pop in and turn to lock in place.

This jig is designed as a training solution and not meant for regular game play. It also works best with another person removing the bags so you are throwing at an empty board each time.

  • The red insert makes the hole 5.5″
  • The white insert makes the hole 5.0″
  • The blue insert makes the hole 4.5″

In this video Greg with Cornhole Central shows you how easy it is to install and use:

If you have any questions please message us anytime!


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